What is Adtomart


Adtomart is a young vibrant company committed to bring a revolution in e marketing world. Adtomart is the first online local classifieds company in the world which provides the unique free video ad facility. Both video ads as well as picture ads can be safely posted on the company's website.

We know how important your desires are for you. We value you and your needs. So we are there to bring you closer to them and help you fulfill them. It is all about our valuable customers. We are here to bring you very closer to your desires and needs because we very well know how important they are for you.

Adtomart's operations are spread all across India. There are 12 categories available on the company's website which cater all kinds of needs of sellers and buyers. Adtomart provides a unique platform where buyers and sellers meet and get the trading experience which they never had before. It enables the posting of ads in the most secured manner. We are committed to achieve a very high degree of customer satisfaction and set a bench mark in the e marketing world. We are tomorrow's leader.

So post your video and picture ads on a very secured website and come a step closer to your dreams.


Why to choose Video Local Classifieds?


There are a lot of ways to promote your business then why to choose these videos as a source of advertisement, the reason is simple

    It is cheap

    It provides a large number of clients

    It is time-saving

    It is easy to use

    It does not wait you longer


Is it works?


You will be thinking about it as waste of time as none will see your video add but there are sites opened now to you that will help you in giving such ads with 100% success promotion rate. Every client who will visit your add will directly contact you on the information provided in the video these videos will then promote your business with better income and profit. You would never complain again about the promotion of your business after using it.


Advantages of Adtomart Video Local ClassifiedAds


You would have tried everything for the promotion of your business but none like this one, it gives complete details and your client is more satisfied about its sage as most people do not like the new product because they do not know how to use it but video will clearly show each and every step to them just like a guide book.

Videos are interesting to watch rather than ordinary slides or picture with your business information on it. It gives your business a charming color with beautiful video effects making your product extraordinary by presenting it on videos.


How much it costs


After reading it’s an amazing advantage you will be thinking about its price that how much would it cost as your ordinary promotion on print media cause you a minimum of 100$ but this video local classified ad is totally free you just need a camera or camera phone and a plan to promote your business on it


Ad's Listing Policies



ADTOMART local classified Pvt. Ltd. policy provides a list of items that are NOT to be listed for sale or displayed as collections on www.adtomart.com (our "Website").

Prohibited Items

Medicines: Prescription only medicines, pharmacy only medicines, GSL (General Sales List) medicines, herbal medicines and veterinary medicines are prohibited.

Illegal drugs: including all associated paraphernalia.

Tobacco: cigars, cigarettes, tobacco or nicotine substitution, electronic cigarettes (including e-shisha and e-hooka cigarettes), herbal cigarettes and herbal smoking mix are prohibited if they contain tobacco or nicotine. Other nicotine-based products are prohibited unless approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as aids to smoking cessation. Any tobacco-based product is prohibited.

Animal or Human products: Human parts or remains. Used underwear. Live animals. Parts or products from whale, dolphin, shark, elephant (including elephant ivory) or from any other regulated endangered or protected plant or animal are prohibited.

Plants, plant material and seed: Certain types of plants, seeds and other plant material are prohibited or regulated to ensure they are safe for pets, humans and the environment. Merchants must seek advice from appropriate government authorities before

(a) exporting, importing, receiving or transporting such agricultural or plant material, and

(b) selling seed, as marketing regulations apply and licensing may be required (e.g. for vegetable and grass seed).

Hazardous and controlled substances: including without limitation lead-based paints, items containing mercury and items that contravene any provision of the Indian Law.

Weapons or items that could be construed as a weapon: including without limitation disguised knives such as belt buckle knives, air gauge knives and pocket knives; stealth, throwing, ballistic and rubber knives; hunting knives; bladed weapons such as switchblade, spring-blade, snap-blade, gravity, stiletto and butterfly knives; martial arts training knives; blowguns and blowpipes; crossbows; dart guns; disguised stun guns; flares; electric stunning devices and tasers; spear guns; explosives; nun chucks; throwing stars; knuckle dusters; daggers and swords.

Fireworks, firearms and ammunition: including without firecrackers, imitation BB guns and air rifles.

Gaming: gaming machines and lottery tickets.

Pornographic, Obscene or Offensive materials: including images that portray nudity in a gratuitous or graphic manner but excluding adult DVD's which are not obscene or offensive.

Government and official documents and uniforms: including without limitation passports, driving licenses, birth certificates and qualification certificates. Items that infringe upon an individual's privacy: items that infringe upon, or have potential to infringe upon, an individual's privacy are prohibited.

Advertisements: Listings that are intended wholly or mainly as "portals" to commercial or private websites for the purposes of advertising, or that offer contact information for non-Marketplace offers.

Gift cards or gift certificates.

Financial products: including without limitation credit cards, insurance, shares and bonds.

Items that could encourage illegal activity: including without limitation lock picking devices, unlocking software and "codes" that can be used to access content on other websites or platforms. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of content posted on Marketplace. Products that are not safe: Products subject to a product safety recall, regardless of branding. All new toys and electrical equipment must be tested by an expert prior to listing to verify that they are safe (that is, there is no risk that the toy or equipment will cause death, personal injury or damage to property)

Illegal and potentially illegal products: including without limitation items that cannot be lawfully shipped or sold in India such as; unauthorised replicas, counterfeit items or unauthorised copies; stolen goods (any items obtained via unlawful means); items that infringe a third party's intellectual property rights; promotional or advanced copies of media items; personal information and mailing lists; titles cannot be sold, and items whose sale, distribution, offering, import or export is prohibited or restricted by any Applicable Laws, the Buyer's country of residence, the Merchant's country of domicile or any other country where delivery takes place.

Restricted Items

Toys: all Listings for toys as an item intended for use in play by anyone under 14 years of age) must

(i) replicate any warning information featured on that toy, and on any label, packaging and instructions for use accompanying that toy; and

(ii) include all age restriction notices, warning notices or other information required by Applicable Law.

New Region-1 DVDs: may be listed by Merchants resident within the USA or Canada with our prior agreement only, and must be dispatched from the USA or Canada directly to Buyers. Buyers are limited to one copy of Region-1 titles for personal use only and acknowledge that they are the importer of record of this item.

Age restricted items: The following types of items must not be sold by a Merchant unless the Buyer is aged 18 or over, and must not be bought by a Buyer unless they are aged 18 or over.

Merchants are expected to implement age verification checks on delivery, where appropriate, to ensure that that they are in compliance with this ADTOMART local classified pvt ltd Policy and all Applicable Laws at all times:

Items marked with an 18+ certificate :

including without limitation DVDs and games;

including without limitation items containing nudity or images or contents of a sexual nature that are unsuitable for a family audience;

Alcohol including products containing alcohol;

Food supplements, weight loss and slimming aids which are subject to legal age restrictions;

Intoxicating substances: including without limitation lighter fuel/fluid, solvent based glues and adhesives and paints, aerosols and anti-freeze;

Flammables: including without limitation butane gas and fluid cigarette lighter refills; and

Sharp objects: including without limitation kitchen knives, hobby craft knives, utility knives, axes, razor blades and power saws.

Media items that contain a 12, 14, 16, 18 (or equivalent) certificate: e.g. DVDs, games etc… must include

(i) an Age Verification Flag; and

(ii) and any other warnings or other information required by Applicable Law.

Intoxicating Substances and Flammables (see above for examples) : all Listings must include

(i) any warning information featured on the Product;

(ii) a warning notice that the product is not intended for use by children; and (iii) any age restriction notices, warning notices or other information required by Applicable Law. For those products containing solvents, the Listing must also include a warning that the item is a solvent based product and solvent abuse can kill instantly.

Sharp Objects: including without limitation kitchen knives, hobby craft knives, utility knives, axes, razor blades and power saws. All Listings must include

(i) any warning information featured on the Product;

(ii) a warning notice that the product is not intended for use by children; and

(iii) any age restriction notices, warning notices or other information required by Applicable Law.

Alcohol : All Listings must include

(i) name of the beverage; the name of the manufacturer, the country of origin, the ABV% and the size of the product available for sale;

(ii) an age restriction notice stating that the Product cannot be purchased by or for someone under the age of 18;

(iii) any warning information featured on the Product; and

(iv) any other warning notices or information required by Applicable Law. In addition, Merchants must display the logo of all responsible drinking associations they are a member of or otherwise associated with; must not make any health or nutritional claim for any product which contains more than 1.2% alcohol by volume; and may only apply geographical descriptions to products genuinely produced in a particular region.

Food Supplements : All Listings must

(i) include an express statement that the Product is a food supplement;

(ii) include the name and amount of any vitamin or mineral or other substance with a nutritional or physiological effect;

(iii) the portion recommended for daily consumption;

(iv) any warning information featured on the Product;

(v) a general warning notice not to exceed the stated recommended daily dose; that food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet; and that the product should be stored out of the reach of young children; and

(vi) any age restriction notices, warnings or other information required by Applicable Law. In addition Merchants may only sell food supplements that

(i) are pre-packed; and

(ii) contain vitamins or minerals included in the permitted list which can be found here.

Food and food-related items (including food supplements and diet aids): All Listings must

(i) include the expiration date;

(ii) not make any drug or medicinal claims or claim that the item is for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in humans and/or animals;

(iii) replicate any warning information featured on the Product and

(iv) include any age restriction notices, warnings or other information required by Applicable Law. In addition, the item must be delivered to the buyer before the expiration or 'use by' date; the item must be stored safely before dispatch and the Merchant must follow all storage directions on the item's packaging; the item may not be altered or changed by the Merchant in any way; the item(s) must be properly packaged or sealed to ensure that the Buyer can tell if they have been tampered with; the item must comply with all applicable food regulations; the item must not have been subject to recall by the manufacturer or by any authority in the country of residence of the Buyer and the Merchant may only apply geographical descriptions to products genuinely produced in a particular region.

Weight Loss and Slimming Aids: All Listings must

(i) expressly state the Product to be a weight loss or slimming aid;

(ii) replicate any warning information featured on the Product; and

(iii) any age restriction notices, warnings or other information required by Applicable Law.

Antiques or artefacts: must comply with any applicable guidance.