Gaming along with Education: An effective tool misused often

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Online Gaming has increased drastically over the past fewyears, with the advent of a few popular arcade and shooting games. The gamingindustry has witnessed tremendous popularity of online multiplayer games,mainly comprising of people belonging to the age group of 12-25. This age groupmainly constitutes the students- school-going and college-going both.

 The top-rated Junior Colleges in Pune,such as MIT JC comprehend the importance of online gaming.  Online Gaming promotes and inculcates thevalues of teamwork, leadership, and ethics. With multi-player gaming introducedthe students to learn to care about their teammates, and giving their best forthe team. But, sometimes this activity tends to make students cross the line,as they spend the majority of their time into it. As a result, they lose theirinterest in the studies and get scolded by the teachers regularly.

MIT JC is one of the top-rated Junior Colleges of Pune, givesspecial attention to online gaming. They organize special training andprograms, which help the students to tackle these issues that they face.According to the surveys, one of the root causes of increasing aggressionamongst Junior College students is online games. These include humungousamounts of violence and bloodshed, thus creating a deep impact upon the youngminds. As a result, these children get devoid of sympathy or experienceenormous loss in emotional sensitivity. Watching and playing these video games,they get attracted to violence, bullying, shouting and other ill-practices.Similar to video games, they believe that violence is the main tool to projecttheir authority over others.

Maharashtra Institute of Technology, or popularly known as MIT,was established by Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, in 1983. He is a pioneer in thefield of education, who always strive to provide quality education to thestudents, instilling Indian value sand ethics into them. MIT JC addresses theseproblems with online gaming by making them participate in physical activitiesthat involve real teamwork and instill the values of honesty and care, nothostility. The teachers and orators at different sessions help the studentsabout dealing with aggression and anger issues. They also guide the studentsregarding how much hours of their precious time they should devote to onlinegaming. 

Technology like online gaming and others are like two sides ofthe coin, which has both good and bad effects. All that matters is how weutilize them. One of the bestjunior colleges such as MIT JC addresses this concern, in a very meticulousway.


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