How to stay fit with 5 minute workout

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Take out five minutes every day to stay fit and healthy

With our fast-paced lifestyle, making time for a good workout can be a challenge. For those on the go, a specially designed 5-minute workout helps you stay fit and in shape. At 98Fit we believe that even if you have a great diet plan to lose weight, without good exercise, it is impossible to achieve the results you desire.

The weight loss exercise plan listed below helps you hit all the main muscles of your body in just 5 minutes.

1. Clean and press

This compound workout kicks off your 5-minute workout. It targets the back, legs, and butt and is, therefore, perfect for a weight loss workout for women.

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place a dumbbell of a convenient weight on the floor on either side of your feet.

Squat and bring the dumbbells to the outside of your knee keeping your palms down.

Then, raise the hip to your hips before taking them overhead through the shoulder. Lower the weights as before and repeat.

2. Side lunges and row

For a weight loss in Delhi workout for women, targeting the lower body is a must. This is a great workout for your legs and but along with the back.

Start with your feet at shoulder-width distance. Then hold a dumbbell of convenient weight in either hand. Take a large step to the right and bend the knees to 90 degrees.

While doing this, draw the left elbow up, keeping it close to your body. Then return to the starting position and repeat it to your left.

You can also repeat it on one side for 30 seconds and then switch.

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